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Ad Close Materials Due Design Projects Features and Trends Product Briefs and Product Focus Show and/or Award Coverage Special Online Coverage Bonus Distribution 
10/10/13 10/13/13 Retail projects with brand recognition and character Designing brand identity -Counter, wall, and floor hard surfacing

-Modular and broadloom carpet
(The following online and/or print) Greenbuild, Heathcare Design conferece
-Design Focus: retail design across generations  
11/6/2013 11/8/13 Innovative products and materials for multiple project types - Product designer features

-Best practices in specifying product
(Entire issue is product focused)
-Nightingale Award Winners

-Coverage of Contract Forum
- Design Focus: Innovative use of products in design projects

1/2/14 1/6/14

35th Annual Interiors Awards
-Designer of the Year
-Legend Award

Features on award winners

-Guest seating



-35th Annual Interiors Awards
-Preview of GlobalShop

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: 2013 trends and highlights

Interiors Awards Breakfast
Education; IIDA Best of Asia Pacific
1/30/14 2/6/14

-k-12, college & university 

-IIDA Best of Asia Pacific

Redefining the classroom for education today -Education chairs, tables, and storage
-Education solutions integrating technology

-Coverage of our Interiors Awards Breakfast

-IIDA Best of Asia Pacific winners featured

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: hospitality abroad

3/14/14 Hotels, restaurants, spas, recreation 
Hospitality design trends in materials and furnishings -Spa fixtures and furnishings
-Products and materials for hospitality, indoors and outdoors

-Preview of
HD Expo 

-Regular blog news and posts

-Design Focus: Hospitality abroad

Coverings 2014, GlobalShop 2014,
HD Expo 2014
Large Office/Workplace,
NeoCon® Preview
4/18/14 4/25/14 A focus on large workplace interiors (approx. 25k sq ft larger)

-The collaborative workplace

-IIDA 20th Anniversary

NeoCon Preview
-Milan Furniture Fair highlights
-HD Expo Highlights
-NeoCon Preview
- HD Expo, Milan Furniture Fair, Coverings 2014

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: defining privacy within open workplace plans

NeoCon 2014

The Tech and New Economy Workplace, NeoCon® Preview

5/7/14 5/14/14 A focus on workplace interiors supporting the information-driven new economy
-The maturing of the information and tech sectors and their workplaces
NeoCon Preview -NeoCon Preview

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: designers' own studios

NeoCon 2014
Renovation and Adaptive Reuse; Best of NeoCon
7/7/14 7/11/14 -Second lives and new uses for spaces within existing buildings, covering a variety of project types

-AIA Convention

-Second lives for existing spaces; and sustainable practices in interior design

Best of NeoCon Winners -NeoCon highlights

-Best of NeoCon Winners

-IIDA Showroom Competition

-Inspirations Awards winners

-AIA Convention

-Preview of
HD Americas

-Regular blog news and posts

-Design Focus: adapting suburban office parks

Issue + Winners Section, IIDEX 2014, NeoCon East 2014
8/7/14 8/14/14 Retail projects with brand recognition and character
Curated spaces and experiences
-Multi-tasking and space-saving products
-HD Americas

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: Adapting suburban office parks

Greenbuild 2014,
HD Boutique 2014, NeoCon East 2014
9/5/14 9/12/14 Healthcare across the continuum of care: hospitals, clinics, wellness centers. Care for children to seniors. Evidence-based health design across many healthcare typologies

-Healthcare solutions

-Healthcare textiles

-Patient chairs


-Healthcare Environment Awards

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: pop-up retail installations

Healthcare Design
Workplace & Hospitality
10/8/14 10/15/14 Both workplace and hospitality interiors, with the influence of hospitality on workplace design Culture and design trends crossing over from hospitality to workplace interiors

-Surfacing and resilient flooring



-Greenbuild, Healthcare Design Conference

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: places designed for work within hospitality settings

Products; IIDA Best of Latin America
11/3/14 11/10/14

-Innovative products and materials for multiple project types

-IIDA Best of Latin America

-Product designer features

-New online tools for designers

(Entire issue is product focused, with variety of items across product types)

-Focus on lighting

-Outdoor products

-Nightingale Award Winners

-Coverage of Contract Forum

-IIDA Best of Latin America featured

-Regular blog and news posts

-Design Focus: architects and Interior designers who have designed product

**A potential featured project of a different project type than the monthly focus, may be in a given month.
Note: All content subject to change.  

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