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Wall Treatments: Please Repeat That: Designtex Introduces RINEKWALL Wallcoverings

Many commercial interiors products are carefully developed by industry suppliers to meet specific needs of the A&D community, but some quite happily are discovered, as is the case with RINEKWALL digital print wallcoverings, available through Designtex. The result of a partnership between Southern California-based interior designer Dana Agamalian and photographer and digital artist John Rinek, RINEKWALL offers the ability to produce inexpensive, photorealistic designs that infinitely repeat.

Agamalian and Rinek had been working together to produce wallcoverings for several years prior to partnering with Designtex. “I had an idea that I could visualize, but I could not figure out how to do it technically,” explains Agamalian. Rinek’s talents for manipulating photography held the key. The collaboration began with a barbed wire pattern and has expanded from there into a collection of patterns that are either naturally occurring and photographed pretty much as is, or carefully staged to produce a desired effect. Both artists contribute creative ideas that are devised or simply discovered. In particular, Rinek continuously is applying his photographic eye to seek out new ideas on his travels. A common theme is the use of everyday objects that are viewed in one way close up and read differently from far away. Designtex’s more recent contributions have helped RINEKWALL achieve new levels of sophistication and usability for the contract market by marrying dynamic photographic design with high-performance wallcovering and state-of-the-art printing systems.

Up until now, Designtex’s digital wall offerings, like many of its competitors, had been limited to mural-like images, but the skilled combination of art and technology used to create RINEKWALL results in ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall statements for any size space. “This is taking our surface imaging capabilities to a different level,” says Caroline Vaughn, Designtex director of marketing. “It offers a new creative experience to the marketplace.” The designs are custom printed on high-performing, environmentally preferable substrates to the scale and color that best suits the application. The wallcoverings are also available with specialty performance options, such as anti-microbial finishes for healthcare settings, anti-graffiti finishes for public areas, and micro-venting for applications requiring breathability.

“I can’t emphasize enough the quality and beauty of the images,” says David Siegel, director of surface imaging at Designtex. “The print technology we’re using produces images with great depth, resolution, and color.”

RINEKWALL for Designtex

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