Corcoran Gallery of Art to Be Taken Over by The National Gallery, GWU

 In a plan  announced  February 19, the Corcoran Gallery of Art would be taken over by the the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University.

Washington, D.C.'s oldest private art museum and its associated college, the Corcoran College of Art + Design, would no longer be independent institutions. George Washington University would control the Corcoran school, and take ownership of its iconic Beaux-Arts building on 17th Street, while the National Gallery would absorb the 17,000 pieces of art in the gallery, and continue to present modern and contemporary exhibitions within the Corcoran building.

The plan the result of a five-year effort by the Corcoran's Board of Trustees to preserve the building and art collection of thefinancially struggling  institution.

"This coalition among our three institutions will open important new possibilities for Washington, D.C.," Peggy Loar, Interim Director and President of the Corcoran said in a statement. "The Corcoran's great cultural, educational and civic resources that are at the heart of this city will not only remain in Washington but will become stronger, more exciting and more widely accessible, in a way that stays centered on the Corcoran's dedication to art and mission of encouraging American genius and opens the galleries free to all."

The three institutions are engaged in a discussion period to set the final terms of the collaboration.  

Photos of the Corcoran Building by Philip Beaurline, courtesy of the Corcoran Gallery of Art.