Daniel Libeskind to Design Canada's Holocaust Monument

The Department of Canadian Heritage has selected Daniel Libeskind's design for the new National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa. Libeskind is part of Team Lord of Toronto, whose winning submission is titled "Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival." The proposal — chosen from six finalists — integrates architecture, landscape, and art to "communicate the hardship and suffering of the victims while conveying a powerful message of humanity's enduring strength and survival," according to the design statement.

The monument takes the form of a star created by six triangular volumes that are arranged around a large gathering area. Each triangle will offer a distinct theme and a setting for interpretation and reflection. Visitors enter the monument and descend between two tilted geometric structures. One is polished concrete, and the other is a mesh screen that references the incarceration of Holocaust victims behind fences. Photography taken covertly by victims and survivors will be embedded into the monument's concrete surfaces.

In addition to Libeskind, Team Lord includes Gail Dexter-Lord, co-president of Lord Cultural Resources; artist-photographer Edward Burtynsky; landscape architect Claude Cormier; and Doris Bergen, subject-matter advisor.

The monument is scheduled to open in fall 2015.