ICRAVE Selected for Ronald Reagan Airport Concessions Renovation

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has selected OTG Management, with a design by New York-based design firm  ICRAVE, to lead concessions renovations in Terminal A of Ronald Regan National Airport.

ICRAVE sought to create a cultural gateway to Washington, D.C., by designing venues directly adjacent to the gates. A large walkthrough market (below) will contain food and beverage venues.

As travelers progress, they will come across The Oasis, a central structure that reaches up toward the ceiling and enhances the round shape of the terminal. The main restaurant will provide seating for more than 100 guests, an increase over the current 22-seat restaurant.

"We are travelers too. We want every space to feel inspired. We want to change the airport travel experience, and bring back the golden age when it was considered glamorous to fly,"   Lionel Ohayon founder of ICRAVE said in a statement.

Expected to open in 2015, the updated gateway will include full-service dining, iPads and charging stations, and a wider variety of food, beverage, and retail options. Washington D.C.-area chefs, including Top Chef's Carla Hall, will be involved in the project.

Renderings courtesy of ICRAVE for OTG Management.