Renzo Piano Unveils San Francisco's 555 Howard Design

The design includes a public rooftop terrace positioned above 36 floors of hotel and residential space. Rendering by Steelblue

Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) has unveiled renderings for 555 Howard, a proposed San Francisco high-rise glass tower that boasts a public rooftop terrace positioned atop 36 floors of hotel and residential space. Situated 385 feet in the air, just above 555 Howard’s penthouse restaurant and lounge, the public roof terrace would be shaded by trees and framed by a 20-foot-high glass wall.

Rendering by Steelblue

Designed in collaboration with locally-based Mark Cavagnero Associates, 555 Howard aims to augment the sense of open space emanating from its Transbay district site, with a 40-foot-tall base swathed in ultra-clear glass and set back slightly from the tower overhead. The tower would be located alongside an elevated bus ramp into the new Transbay Transit Center, with a park placed underneath.

Rendering By Steelblue

RPBW’s design includes double layers of glass along the south and west facades to lower heat inside the building, while solar panels could also be integrated. The project would be RPBW’s first U.S. tower located outside of New York.