2017 Designer of the Year: Suzette Subance Ferrier

Jan 27, 2017 • Profiles
By Sam Lubell

A New York native brings a sense of fashion, style, and sophistication to the commercial interiors practice at TPG Architecture

2017 Legend: Michael Vanderbyl

Jan 23, 2017 • Profiles
By Lydia Lee

From graphic identity to products, furnishings, and showroom interiors, Michael Vanderbyl demonstrates the impact and importance of design

The Virtual World Becomes Reality

Dec 06, 2016 • Design Practice
By Sam Lubell

Architecture and design firms are using virtual reality to both communicate and develop designs .

Reconsidering the Midcentury Workplace

Oct 06, 2016 • Design Practice
By James Pfeiffer, AIA

The American Enterprise Group headquarters, completed by SOM in 1965, is an iconic midcentury modern office building. AEG still occupies the structure, which BNIM renovated to update the work settings and fully showcase the company’s artwork. 

An Interview With Philip Freelon

Sep 28, 2016 • Profiles
By John Czarnecki

The architect of record for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture reflects on the team, the process, and the impact of this museum.

Healthy Workplaces Are Critical to Business Success

Aug 01, 2016 • Design Practice
By Leigh Stringer

The design of today’s offices can positively impact health, human performance, and the bottom line

Implementing a SWOT Analysis for Savvy Decision-Making

Dec 03, 2015 • Business Practice
By Evelyn M. Lee, AIA

(SWOT) analysis, a strategic-planning tool that I have used often for internal planning at MKThink, organizational planning with clients, and even to assist in personal decision-making.

Your Father's Office Building, Repositioned

Nov 13, 2015 • Design Practice
By Krista Sykes

 Lobby renovations boost the image and value of office towers from the 1970s to 1990s.

Missed Opportunities at Chicago Architecture Biennial

Nov 04, 2015 • Design Practice
By Edward Keegan

The first Chicago Architecture Biennial opened in early October as a sweeping, citywide event that was conceived on the model of the contemporary bank—it’s too big to fail.

Recreating L.A.

Aug 31, 2015 • Retail
By Murrye Bernard

Across Los Angeles, warehouses and other bland structures are being transformed into creative office spaces for technology and entertainment companies.

Designer D.B. Kim, now directing hospitality interiors for Wanda Group in Beijing, reflects on his work

Aug 05, 2015 • Profiles
By John Czarnecki

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki visited Kim in Beijing and Shanghai, and interviewed him about his experience with Wanda Group.

Culture by Design

May 29, 2015 • Design Practice
By Sascha Wagner, IIDA

Lessons from today's tech workplaces.

The New American Medical School

Mar 05, 2015 • Education
By Scott P. Kelsey, FAIA

A principal at CO Architects identifies innovations for the future of healthcare.

The Supporting Actor of Interiors

Dec 08, 2014 • Design Practice
By JoAnn Greco

 Amuneal creates installations that enhance interior architecture.

Coworking: A Workplace Paradigm Shift

Aug 22, 2014 • Design Practice
By Krista Sykes

Coworking is a growing trend throughout the U.S., and it is impacting the way we work

Finding a Place for Freelancers

Jun 01, 2014 • Design Practice
By Christopher Blackadder, IIDA

A design leader from Woods Bagot examines the changing role of contingent workers, and how designers can facilitate their integration

In the Spotlight: Julia Monk on Design in China

Apr 10, 2014 • Design Practice
By Staff

Julia Monk, AIA, IIDA, is a senior principal and director of HOK's hospitality interiors practice.

Reflections on Designing the World's Largest University for Women in Saudi Arabia

Mar 09, 2014 • Design Practice
By Pat Bosch

Pat Bosch of Perkins+Will shares reflections on her team's work on the Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University.

How Sustainable is Your Interior?

Dec 02, 2013 • Design Practice
By Deborah Fuller, IIDA

An expert deciphers the latest in sustainable product and material evaluation and certification

Bricks Over Clicks

Nov 25, 2013 • Design Practice
By Caleb Mulvena

Enhancing the In-Person Shopping Experience by Design

Lighting Lessons from an Artist

Sep 19, 2013 • Design Practice
By Don Peifer

James Turrell's Guggenheim exhibition plays with perceptions

Michael Graves on the Lost Art of Drawing

Jan 31, 2013 • Design Practice
By Staff

An excerpt of the 2013 Legend Michael Graves, FAIA, op-ed in The New York Times,  from September 1, 2012, titled "Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing"  

The Future in Technology and Experiential Interiors

Nov 15, 2012 • Design Practice
By Irwin Miller

An expert in retail environments examines emerging technologies that will have a direct impact on how we design spaces

What Is Next for Sustainable Design?

Sep 20, 2012 • Public Interest Design
By Sandy Mendler, AIA

In addition to engaging traditional   measures such as energy efficiency, daylighting, and use of healthy materials, sustainability will include a holistic and experientially based design approach

International Design and Practice: Lessons From an Expert Abroad

Aug 17, 2012 • Design Practice
By Aaron Schwarz, FAIA

An architect with an American firm shares his insight and personal lessons on international practice

Hospitality's Influence on Workplace Design

Jun 01, 2012 • Design Practice
By Lauren Rottet, FAIA, FIIDA

Lauren Rottet, founder of Rottet Studios, connects corporate spaces to hotels

Design Shaping the 21st Century College Campus

Mar 16, 2012 • Design Practice
By David J. Neuman, FAIA

David J. Neuman, FAIA and Architect for the University of Virginia, examines how higher education institutions are using sustainability and collaboration, and branding and efficiency in the design of learning environments

Chair History: How Did the Design of Office Chairs Evolve from the 19th Century to Today?

Oct 07, 2011 • Design Practice
By John Czarnecki

Furniture- and industrial-design aficionados will find out in "A Taxonomy of Office Chairs" (Phaidon, 2011), a new book authored by Jonathan Olivares

The Resilient Workplace

Sep 20, 2011 • Design Practice
By Judith Heerwagen and Michael F. Bloom

Two sustainability experts with the GSA's Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings outline key aspects of the resilient workplace, which can be applied to any office

Web-Exclusive Interview: Thinc Design Principal Tom Hennes, Designer of the Exhibits at the National September 11 Memorial Museum

Sep 12, 2011 • Design Practice
By John Czarnecki

Contract magazine speaks with the lead exhibition designer about creating this highly emotional and symbolic space

Repositioning the Nation's Capital Through Sustainable Design

Aug 12, 2011 • Workplace
By John Jessen, AIA, and Todd Combs

A current renovation by VOA Associates at one Washington, D.C.-based office building aims to preserve history while allowing for the evolution of design

Process: Designing the Multigenerational Workplace

Jul 15, 2011 • Design Practice
By Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, co-founders of studio o+a

Keys to creating a work environment that appeals to Millennials without alienating Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers

Cultural Connection: Designing with Art in Public Spaces

Jun 27, 2011 • Design Practice
By Mark Schatz, FAIA, principal at Field Paoli Architects in San Francisco

Art in public buildings must reflect both the vision of the artist and the mission of the architecture

Does It Cost More to Build Green?

Jun 21, 2011 • Design Practice
By Peter Syrett, AIA, LEED AP BD+C and Carolyn Roose, LEED green associate at Perkins+Will

It's a simple question, but there isn't a clear answer

Design Education Critique: Less Tools, More Brains

Jun 03, 2011 • Design Practice
By Antonio Larosa, Chair of the Furniture Design Department at SCAD

Antonio Larosa, chair of the Furniture Design Department at SCAD, discusses moving away from "shop-oriented" education in design schools to adopt a more European model of instruction

Building Blocks of a Design Career

Jun 03, 2011 • Design Practice
By William Taylor, FAIA, founding director, LAIAD

LAIAD teaches aspiring design professionals to think like designers

Professionals and Clients Tire of 'Greenwash'

May 26, 2011 • Design Practice
By Julie Kyle

ROI-related decision-making takes hold as consumers demand data-driven-results, not obtuse claims

Don't Blink: Strategies for Designing Temporary Commercial Space

May 19, 2011 • Design Practice
By Bill Grant, President and Creative Director, Grant Design Collaborative, Atlanta

Six strategies to create successful temporary commercial spaces that engage new customers and, more importantly, create lifelong brand fanatics

Green: Thinking INside the Box

Mar 14, 2011 • Design Practice
By John Hopkins, AIA, LEED® AP ID+C, IA Interior Architects

Failed retail establishments give way to successful spaces to house educational facilities

Transportation Focus: The Top Five Challenges in Airport Design

Jan 26, 2011 • Design Practice
By Bill Hooper, principal, aviation and transportation practice area leader, Gensler

How can designers do their part to ease the stress of flying?

Trends: The Real Social Network

Jan 14, 2011 • Design Practice
By Staff

In an age of mobility and digital communication, communal seating repeatedly is cropping up—and even being requested by clients—in today's restaurant designs

Net Zero: Two global design firms issue a call to action and lead by example

Oct 18, 2010 • Design Practice
By Ross Donaldson, Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot and Buro Happold develop a model that delivers on the promise of zero carbon and zero emissions for large-scale development projects

Design Case Study: How Lean Design Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Sep 30, 2010 • Design Practice
By Marc Margulies, AIA LEED AP, and John Duggan

Combining lean design with two emerging healthcare delivery models are changing the way healthcare is provided to its patients.

Renovate and Reuse: Higher Education's New Mantra

Sep 09, 2010 • Design Practice
By Robert Brown, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP and Paul Viccica, AIA

Renovating existing buildings might just be the new "new" for colleges and universities.

Trends: A Strategy Made Visible

Aug 23, 2010 • Design Practice
By Charles Sparks, Charles Sparks + Company

Big box retailers are seeking different approaches to store environments

The 21st-Century Library

Jul 05, 2010 • Design Practice
By By Mark Schatz, FAIA, principal, Field Paoli and Joan Frye Williams, MLS, Library Consultant

As the pace of change in modern life accelerates, library design is changing too.

Design Essay: Renovating mid-Century Modern Libraries

Jun 08, 2010 • Design Practice
By Mark C. Hirons, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

The University of Chicago Law School entrusts OWP/P/Cannon Design with the task of modernizing its original Saarinen structure while respecting the building's heritage.

Characteristics of the Future Office

Jun 07, 2010 • Design Practice
By Ruth Jansson, CID, IIDA, LEED AP

What office design characteristics are needed for today's challenging corporate environment?

Attracting Library Traffic Through Design

Jun 03, 2010 • Design Practice
By Jeff Davis and David Cassil, Architectural Nexus

Some of today's mixed-use projects are using public libraries as anchors—with good results.

Design Process: Advanced Technology Integration

May 14, 2010 • Design Practice
By Joe Montalbano, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate, Mancini Duffy

The convergence of advanced technologies that is currently shaping our society demands a more holistic, collaborative approach synthesizing infrastructure and design to realize complete integration.

Partners in Change: Law Firm Design Trends

May 14, 2010 • Design Practice
By Marty Festenstein, Managing Director, NELSON

Efficiency trumps entitlement in law office design, as law firms face the realities of the new economy.

Trends: The Death of the Office (as we know it)

May 01, 2010 • Design Practice
By Georgia Collins, director, DEGW North America

How virtual work is changing the modern workplace

Post-Occupancy Green: Blending Sustainable Design and Operation

Apr 19, 2010 • Design Practice
By By Peter Barsuk, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate, Gensler

For more meaningful progress on green building, sustainable design and sustainable operation must become more intertwined

Essay on the Future of Design: More Happiness, Less Stuff

Mar 29, 2010 • Public Interest Design
By Ray C. Anderson, chairman and founder, Interface

More happiness, less stuff. It's the conclusion I've been drawing lately on the speaking circuit, as I describe my reworking of a famous equation by Paul and Anne Ehrlich from their book The Population Bomb—the environmental impact equation.

Love by Design: Design-Inspired Romance

Feb 11, 2010 • Hospitality
By Stacy Straczynski

How interior design can be used to instill lasting feelings of passion and romance.

Case Study: Autodesk Waltham Project by KlingStubbins

Feb 01, 2010 • Design Practice
By Jonathan Cohen, FAIA

Autodesk, Inc. exemplifies using IPD strategy to complete two redesign projects.

Trends: Hotel Hub

Jan 26, 2010 • Design Practice
By Denise Corso

Today's multipurpose hotel lobby functions as living room, meeting room, dining room, and art gallery to provide the complete guest experience

Shades of Night: Why is Light Essential for Your Design?

Jan 22, 2010 • Design Practice
By Stacy Straczynski

Lighting designer Leni Schwendinger recently spoke with Contract magazine to discuss the importance of light in design and how it can be utilized to influence and enhance any commercial project.

Convention Centers That Don't Make an Impact

Jan 21, 2010 • Public Interest Design
By Andrea Doyle

Environmental stewardship is giving some convention centers a competitive advantage.

The Green Acoustics Design Paradox

Nov 01, 2009 • Design Practice
By Victoria Cerami

In the case of LEED for Schools (with LEED Healthcare on the horizon), there are no LEED credits for acoustics.

Healthcare Trends: Emergency Departments are the Other Front Door

Oct 20, 2009 • Design Practice
By Catherine Gow, AIA, Principal, Francis Cauffman

In the last several years, Emergency Departments have finally begun to get the right kind of treatment.

Healthcare Trends: Daylighting the Emergency Department

Oct 15, 2009 • Design Practice
By Ray Pradinuk, MAIBC, LEED AP

After decades of relegating staff and patients to the glare of artificial light, many hospitals now are aggressively pursuing daylighting strategies that have long been the accepted as the norm in Europe.

Auralization 101: Show Me What I'm Hearing

Jul 01, 2009 • Design Practice
By Jonah Sacks and Ioana Pieleanu, Acentech Inc.

Acoustics are a critical aspect of building design. But how candesigners make the connection between their drawings of a future spaceand the aural experience of its future users?