Defne Koz: Laine Barstool

November 16, 2015

For her first product collaboration with Bernhardt Design, Defne Koz (pictured) drew inspiration from the art of stone-setting to create Laine, a barstool with a walnut seat set within four pronglike stainless steel elements. Koz, a partner at Chicago-based Koz Susani Design, is an industrial designer who was born in Turkey and moved to Italy, where she trained at Ettore Sottsass’s studio in Milan.



Laine’s solid walnut seat is available in a range of oiled walnut finishes, and each seat is carved with soft, tactile curves to fit within the four steel connecting points, making the seat appear to be suspended in space. The seat height is 293⁄4 inches, and it measures 183⁄8 inches wide by 163⁄4 inches deep. The base comes in both polished and brushed stainless steel options.



“With Laine, I focused on the relationship between all of the shapes,” Koz explains. “I wanted something more interesting than the conventional leg that usually hides under the surface, so I designed a detail that carefully shows the meeting of the two materials. I found the best solution was in the four small metal ‘hands’ that seem to embrace the wooden seat in the same way a ring holds a jewel. The two materials meet with an exactness that is possible only by combining handcraft with contemporary technology like CNC machining and precision metal casting.”


Koz collaborated with Jerry Helling, president of Bernhardt Design, during the design process. “We wanted to create a barstool that was a beautiful and functional object—something you would remember,” Helling says. “This project took over two years because we explored so many options, with Defne searching for a detail that was truly unique and memorable. The visual of a gem in a metal setting is one that we all know and appreciate, and Defne found a way to translate that image into a piece of furniture in a way that appears effortless and natural.”

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