Interiors Awards 2012: Sports/Entertainment

Ajax Law Ling Kit

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Luxury amenities have become a norm in the residential property market in Hong Kong due to heavy competition. So developers try to make their properties stand out with the help of designers who translate their myriad ideas into something concrete and creative. Located in the New Territories of Hong Kong, the YOHO Midtown residential clubhouse, designed by One Plus Partnership, demonstrates how good design can be accomplished with a strong designer-client relationship.
The award-winning clubhouse, locally known as "Club Midtown," celebrates the property's pampered lifestyle concept. According to the developer Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), its design follows the blueprint of Tokyo Midtown, incorporating wood, greenery, and water elements. The intention is to create a relaxing ambience that caters to an artistic metropolitan lifestyle by blending the natural surroundings with the interior.
One Plus Partnership—a Hong Kong design firm led by founders Ajax Law Ling Kit and Virginia Lung—was charged with the task of realizing this concept for the 37,200-square-foot, four-story clubhouse. The project includes a wide range of programming, such as two elegant banquet or event rooms named the Director and Executive Villas; a kitchen classroom featuring an organic garden; a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool and a 25-meter temperature-controlled one that is indoors; the Timeless Zone with 24-hour snacks and entertainment; a band room to rock out in; a basketball court; and a reading lounge.
"The clubhouse makes good use of space and combines architecture and nature to offer a chic style of living—it is designed for the young at heart who value quality of life and family and personal relationships," remarks Lung. Elements of cityscape meeting the park environs are represented largely by the color schemes of grey and green, as well as the marriage of a modern architectural interior with earthy woods. The clubhouse's entrance on the fifth floor, for example, features a wooden staircase that is fashioned into a hi-tech looking portal. Covering both the entrance lobby and 24-hour lounge, the structure sports wooden strips that "grow" in different heights and angles, simulating the character of nature; yet the geometric shape and order enhance the urbane feel of the space.
This same interplay between urbane and organic continues throughout the clubhouse: blue mosaic tiles and white free-form sculptures make swimmers in the indoor pool feel as if they're in the sky; the contour-map carpet pattern in the band room resembles the mountainous landscape; green- and brown-painted tree silhouettes embellish the basketball court; and a mod composition of inlaid wood planks of varying hues envelops the table tennis room.
The clubhouse truly achieves the charmed-life concept thanks to dialogue and trust between the client and all collaborators. "There are different designs in every corner of the clubhouse," Lung says. "The good work of the contractor made our design come true, and the trust of the client played a key role as well. Their respect for our work allowed us to develop our design freely for the best outcomes."

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