2016 Nightingale Awards Winners Announced

(L to R) John Czarnecki, Rosalyn Cama, Fabio Delmestri, and Kristin Zeit. The Nightingale Awards presentation this morning. All images courtesy of CAMA, Inc.

Contract magazine and Healthcare Design magazine, in partnership with the Center for Health Design, announced the winners of this year’s Nightingale Awards earlier today at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Named after Florence Nightingale, the awards recognize an outstanding product’s contribution to the healing environment, as well as additional functionality, durability, and quality.

A 12-member jury panel selected IOA Healthcare Furniture’s CAMA Bed Chair as the Best of Competition. The chair was also honored with the Gold Award in Seating: Patient, and the Silver Award in Seating: Guest/Lounge.

The CAMA Bed Chair from IOA Healthcare Furniture. Images courtesy of CAMA, Inc.

The CAMA Bed-Chair from CAMA on Vimeo.

This year’s winners are:

Innovation Award in Architectural Products: Clinical:
Plus, Pressalit Care

Gold Award in Architectural Products: Clinical:
Acrovyn Wall Panels, Construction Specialties

Innovation Award in Architectural Products: Non-Clinical:
9100Q noiseless Lock with SilentPAC lever dampening, Accurate Lock and Hardware

Silver Award in Fabrics & Textiles:
Pronto +, C.F. Stinson, LLC

Gold Award in Fabrics & Textiles:
Gaia Collection, Pallas Textiles

Innovation Award in Flooring: Hard Surface:
QuickStix, Mannington Commercial

Silver Award in Flooring: Hard Surface:
AdMix, Patcraft

Innovation Award in Flooring: Resilient:
nora nTx, nora systems, Inc.

Silver Award in Flooring: Resilient:
Vinings, Patcraft

Gold Award in Flooring: Resilient:
Solitude, Shaw Contract

Gold Award in Furniture Collections:

Nara, Stryker/Tekna, Inc.

Silver Award in Lighting:
Fail-Safe SGI-C/F LED Architectural Behavioral Health Luminaires, Eaton

Gold Award in Lighting:
Symmetry, Visa Lighting

Silver Award in Seating: Conferences:
Doni Seating Collection, KI

Gold Award in Seating: Conference:
Truly, OM

Silver Award in Seating: Guest/Lounge:
CAMA Family Chaise Sleeper, IOA Healthcare Furniture
Amelio Bench Sleeper, Krug

Gold Award in Seating: Guest/Lounge:
Caterina Guest Collection, Kwalu

Innovation Award in Seating: Patient:
The New Accord Recliner, Wieland

Silver Award in Seating: Patient:
Jordan 8 Series Powered Recliner, Krug

Gold Award in Seating: Patient:
CAMA Bed Chair, IOA Healthcare Furniture

Gold Award in Signage & Wayfinding:
Skyline Design Glass Wayfinding, Skyline Design

Silver Award in Surfacing Materials:
Casper Privacy Film, Steelcase Health

Silver Award in Window Shading & Treatments:

MechoNet Wireless Daylight Sensor & Controller, MechoSystems

Gold Award in Window Shading & Treatments:
EcoVeil Sheer, MechoSystems