National Office Furniture Outfits High School Makerspace

National’s Exhibit wall rail solution, Strassa table, and Ditto stools facilitate student creativity.

Southridge High School, in Huntingburg, IN, wanted to create a Makerspace that that would foster creativity and develop problem solving skills. Southridge chose National Office Furniture to outfit their space with progressive and highly functional furniture. By definition, a makerspace is a place where students can gather to tinker, explore, and discover using a variety of tools and materials.

Sarah Bardwell, Media Director for the Southwest Dubois School Corporation, wanted to design a space where students could express their creativity and individuality, while boosting their confidence. She wanted an arena that brought students together and enabled them to brainstorm and create. Bardwell designed the makerspace within Southridge High School’s existing library, and outfitted the area with versatile and comfortable solutions. The adjoining Southridge Middle School also uses the makerspace for their students.

This unique area offers workstations for hands-on projects and spaces to gather and collaborate. While in the makerspace, they have the freedom to work together or individually on project that expand their creativity. Bardwell incorporated a green screen for videography projects, and a table equipped with projection and technology capabilities.


Southridge High School chose National’s Exhibit wall rail solution to incorporate marker boards, shelves, and tackable inserts that allow for student creativity and encourage brainstorm sessions. The Mio collaborative table integrates with the green screen technology so that students can transform themselves into various settings. Mobile Whimsy impromptu seating and Jiminy folding chairs offer flexibility and the ability to huddle and move around the room from station to station. The bistro height Strassa collaborative table and Ditto stools create an elevated working space that is functional for seated or standing students.



Although the concept of a makerspace is new to the Southridge student population, it is changing the way the students use school space. The makerspace has dissolved the “don’t touch” philosophy that is common in many school settings, allowing the students to have freedom to be creative. The students have embraced the ability to gather and have some fun while learning through hands-on problem solving challenges.

“National made the space cool and inviting. Students are drawn into the space. It’s a comfortable place where they can hang out and be creative.” -Sarah Bardwell, Media Director Southwest Dubois School Corporation