Ralph Mancini, Founder of Mancini Duffy, Has Died

Ralph Mancini, the founder of the firm Mancini Duffy—headquartered in New York—died on March 21.

In a statement, the firm Mancini Duffy says:
“We are deeply saddened to announce that Mancini Duffy founder Ralph Mancini passed away Saturday night. Ralph was a loving parent and husband to his family, an inspiration to everyone he worked with, a source of great reassurance to his clients, and the object of genuine respect among his colleagues in the industry. His was the proverbial American success story—he went from humble beginnings to heading a firm that helped change the way some of the most important companies in the world do business, all in a handful of decades. We here at Mancini Duffy loved him dearly. You couldn’t help but love him. He will be sorely missed.”

Mancini established Ralph Mancini Associates, Inc. in 1981. Mancini Duffy was formed by the merger of Ralph Mancini Associates, Inc. and Duffy Inc. in 1986. Ralph Mancini held the position Chairman Emeritus with Mancini Duffy since retiring in 2006.