Goettsch Partners to Design Optics Valley Center Complex in Wuhan, China

The three buildings in the winning design will comprise 3.4 million square feet. All images courtesy Goettsch Partners.

Chicago-based Goettsch Partners has been announced as the winner of the competition to design the new Optics Valley Center complex in Wuhan, China. The mixed-use project will span 3.4 million square feet across three buildings that include a 1,312-foot-tall office tower. The project is slated to debut in 2022.

Image courtesy Goettsch Partners.

“We are honored to be selected to design this new icon for the expanding city of Wuhan,” said Paul De Santis, principal and senior project designer at Goettsch Partners. “It will distinguish the Optics Valley along the skyline and proudly expand the rich history of education and innovation for which Wuhan is famous.”

The Optics Valley district is designed to serve as the downtown for southeast Wuhan with a variety of commercial and public amenities. The landmark tower will anchor the district and feature a design representative of the balance between modern development and the environment. The tower’s fluid form will include rounded corners that taper in an effort to reduce wind pressure. A rhythmic pattern of exterior shades will wrap the structure as well, stretching and compressing to emphasize both the base and crown. An infusion of color along the facade will pay subtle homage to local tech culture.

Images courtesy Goettsch Partners.

The three buildings will be linked via a spacious green belt. Two new subway lines will also be installed to provide access to the center.