HKS to Develop Urban Design Plan for Tropicana Field

The city of St. Petersburg, Florida, has selected the firm HKS to develop an urban design plan for the property that includes Tropicana Field. The domed stadium has been home to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team since 1998.

The city has requested HKS present a master plan that features a new stadium by September 30. The firm will also draft a master plan that does not feature a stadium in the event that the team decides to settle elsewhere.

The firm’s proposal beat out six other designs for its vision to link the property to the waterfront and Tampa Bay via Central Avenue and First Avenues North and South. Plans to increase shading and revitalize nearby Booker Creek were also proposed to draw visitors to the area outside of baseball season.

Although the Rays have agreed to provide as much as $100,000 in funding for the project, the team is evaluating new real estate in other Florida counties following permission from the city council in January. The urban design plan could significantly impact the team’s decision to stay at the Tropicana Field site.