Foster + Partners Plots New DJI Headquarters in Shenzhen

The cantilevered towers will be linked via a skybridge that will showcase DJI's drone technology. All images courtesy Foster + Partners.

Dual towers in Shenzhen, China, have been proposed by Foster + Partners as the new headquarters for leading robotics company DJI. The design reinterprets the traditional office concept as an elevated creative community.

Image courtesy Foster + Partners.

Home to facilities for research and development as well as public amenities, the two volumes will be equipped with cantilevers that emerge from the central cores by massive steel trusses to maximize flexibility across the column-free interiors. Quadruple-height labs will be outfitted to host drone flight tests, while the skybridge linking both towers will act as the platform for showcasing the company’s newest drone technology. Gymnasiums will also be created along with robot battle rings.

Image courtesy Foster + Partners.

“Our aim is to create a unique workplace environment that embodies the spirit of invention and innovation that has allowed DJI to lead the world in robotics and technology,” says Grant Brooker, head of studio for Foster + Partners.