Henning Larsen Integrates Town Hall into the Landscape of the Faroe Islands

The green roof is open to the public in an effort to engage the community. All images courtesy Nic Lehoux.

The Faroese town of Eysturkommuna has received a new town hall in the village of Norðragøta that cuts into the verdurous landscape of the Faroe Islands. Totaling more than 8,000 square feet, the structure is designed by Henning Larsen with a rooftop adorned with green grass that further ties the building into the Nordic surroundings.

Images courtesy Nic Lehoux.

“Many contemporary contributions to Faroese architecture directly copy elements from traditional buildings. I find it much more interesting to look into the underlying thoughts of traditional buildings,” said Henning Larsen Partner and Lead Design Architect Ósbjørn Jacobsen. “A central theme in traditional Faroese architecture is the blurred line between nature and building, the fact that the spectator has difficulties distinguishing where the landscape ends and the building begins. The primary conceptual idea behind the design of the town hall is driven by the notion of this fleeting line between landscape and building. I believe that could be one way to approach modern Faroese architecture.”

Conceived as a spark to reignite the local community, the green roof and terraces open to the public while the base of the volume is wrapped inn glass to further demonstrate a connection to the setting. An external sound and light installation from artist Jens Ladekarl Thomsen also serves to engage local inhabitants with the Eysturkommuna Town Hall.

Images courtesy Nic Lehoux.

Eysturkommuna comprises five different settlements that are home to 2,000 residents.