Lemay Designs Globalization Hub Espace CDPQ in Montreal

A white material and color palette is offset by vibrant furniture and décor. All images courtesy Claude-Simon Langlois.

Dedicated to accelerating regional globalization efforts, investment and development hub Espace CDPQ has debuted in the Ville-Marie section of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Locally based architecture firm Lemay has crafted the unique, four-floor office to promote creativity and collaboration through elements like a central thoroughfare that functions as an open ecosystem.

Images courtesy Claude-Simon Langlois.

“The classic Montreal laneway emerged as the most appropriate identifying element to anchor this performance-driven ecosystem,” said Lemay Associate and Design Director for the project Jean-François Gagnon. “We let ourselves be inspired by the narrative of Quebec history, its communities and builders, for this design of a place devoted to exchange and communication.”

Connected across two floors by helicoidal staircases, rental spaces line the main axis in homage to the city’s signature townhouses and external metallic stairways. Each space is designed for concentration or reflection, clad with extensive glazing to maximize exposure to natural light. Vertical wood paneling also creates uniformity across two floors of the building and evokes an organic quality reminiscent of a tree with a vast canopy that shelters the laneway. The white canopy diffuses natural light as well, while artificial lighting lines the ceiling to complement its inverted landscape design.

Images courtesy Claude-Simon Langlois.

Material and color palettes are configured to establish a white aura punctuated with vibrant, multi-colored furnishings and furniture appointed installed for versatility. A globalization laboratory sits at the heart of the design, functioning as a multipurpose space equipped to accommodate meetings, presentations, and video conferencing. The room is also outfitted with a clandestine entrance and cut-outs in all four corners to define it as a space apart.