MAD Architects Designs Chaoyang Park Plaza

The structure's draw their form from traditional shan-shui paintings. All images courtesy Khoo Guo Jie.

The MAD Architects–designed Chaoyang Park Plaza is near completion in Beijing. Constructed along the edge of one of city’s largest parks, the 1.3 million-square-foot development draws its form from the mountain ranges depicted in traditional shan-shui paintings. The complex comprises four office blocks wrapped in cantilevered balconies and two residential units reminiscent of river stones.

Images courtesy Khoo Guo Jie.

The asymmetrical, mixed-use structures featured curved fins at their peaks along with grooves and strips of protrusion designed to mirror erosion. In addition to accentuating the buildings’ verticality, the strips also accommodate ventilation and filtration systems. A series of multilevel terraces also punctuate the facades with public gardens and framed views.

Image courtesy Khoo Guo Jie.