Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Unveils 3WTC in Manhattan

3WTC as viewed from 1WTC. Image courtesy World Trade Center.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has completed 3 World Trade Center (WTC) in Lower Manhattan as the penultimate tower to be opened at Ground Zero. Ascending 80 stories and 1,079 feet in height, the glass skyscraper is now the second-tallest WTC complex and the fifth tallest volume in New York.

The structure is crafted with a core of reinforce concrete further encased by a steel structure that supports floor-to-ceiling glass and column-free floorplates. Floors vary from 30,000 to 70,000 square feet, with three floors equipped with outdoor terrace spaces. The building will now begin accommodating more than 6,000 employees across roughly 2.5 million square feet of offices.

“It has been a great privilege to design one of the new buildings on this key site in New York,” said Richard Rogers, founding partner of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. “We are particularly delighted that we have been working in the heart of this vibrant city.  This was a complex and challenging project, but one which has helped to contribute to the revitalization of New York City and one which will help to inspire a new hope for the city’s future.”