Stantec Completes Offices in Miami

The Wix logo is incorporated into numerous elements of the design, including the living wall. All images courtesy Barry Grossman.

Stantec has introduced its interior design of the offices for in Miami Beach. Spread across 24,000 square feet, the new office and technical center for the cloud-based web development platform is conceived with a contemporary vibrancy reflective of the brand.

Image courtesy Barry Grossman.

“Employee culture and community is key to Wix, so we created a space that is not only technologically innovative but also bright and colorful with ample lounge areas where staff can interact and unwind,” said Kristyna Borden, project manager for Stantec’s Miami office.

An employee lounge serves as the central focal point of the design, while adjacent space serves as both a designated game room and wellness area equipped to host yoga classes. and exposed, open ceilings also span the interior accented by light wood tones and vibrant notes of yellow, orange, green, and blue that inject a tropical quality. Workstations are appointed with electronic sit-to-stand benching desks positioned by windows to maximize sun exposure, while cabana-style hangout booths are installed with wheels for flexible relocation.

Images courtesy Barry Grossman.

Polished concrete floors are adorned with an “x” pattern comprising crisscrossed colored stripes that communicate the brand. The Wix logo is also incorporated into a light fixture within the employee lounge and a living wall at the entrance, where bright green swings are installed.