Studio Gang Details Toronto Skyscraper Proposal

The tapered volumes that make up the tower alleviate shadow from the streets below. All images courtesy Studio Gang.

Studio Gang has released details and imagery on plans for its first Canadian project in the Deer Park section of Toronto. The proposed One Delisle skyscraper is captured in new renderings spread across 48 stories, with retail installed throughout the ground floor and residences above.

Image courtesy Studio Gang.

Rising from a rectilinear base, the glazed building will transform into a compact, 16-sided tower that will reduce shadow on the streets and sidewalks below. Tapering outward, a series of stacked eight-story volumes will comprise the structure in distorted hexagonal shapes that will render the façade akin to a stretched honeycomb. The tapered design will also provide abundant outdoor spaces as well as natural cooling for each of the tower’s residences.

Images courtesy Studio Gang.

“The geometry of the facade, and the self-shading it provides, allows each living space to stay cool in summer, while also optimizing winter light,” said firm founder Jeanne Gang. “This gentle pitch frames indoor-outdoor connections on the balconies and terraces that spiral up the building in an organization inspired by organic growth and form.”