How Stahl’s water-based flame retardants enable safe and more sustainable performance coatings and binders

Obviously, we want the spaces where we work and live our lives to be as temptingly designed as possible. And of course we want it to be safe and durable at the same time. Without even knowing it, almost all materials we use in everyday life consist of organic polymers. Those are flammable and present a fire risk, which can be reduced by application of the right flame retardants.

Product safety and sustainability are both of the utmost importance within Stahl, so the company combines the best of both worlds. Stahl’s flame retardant technology is water-based and has been designed to meet the environmental profile of an evolving world.

Interested in the technological explanation behind flame retardants? Expert John Friddle explains how it works and elaborates on its benefits. With this information you easily make your living and working space safer without compromising on quality of function, aesthetics, durability, and comfort.

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