Interface: Global Change

August 2, 2017

Interface’s Global Change collection of modular flooring references nature in order to promote well-being and spark creativity. Channeling biophilic concepts in two dimensions, Kari Pei, lead product designer at Interface, conceived the collection to elevate everyday experiences while enhancing the company’s established offerings.

Pei drew inspiration from subtle transitions in natural settings, such as sunshine filtering through leaves and tree branches, creating a dappled effect on the ground; the blurred perceptions of light permeating and bending around cloud formations; the shifts in pattern and texture between dunes and coastlines; and the play of brightness and darkness throughout the day.

Intended to be mixed and matched, Global Change offers a range of colors, textures, and formats from small-scale to bold graphics. Global Change’s solution-dyed yarns comprise seven options. The foundational tiles are Progression I, II, and III take inspiration from tree canopies, with foliage appearing as positive shapes against textural striations, while Ground and Raku resemble the cracked appearance of dried earth and can be installed as nondirectional squares.

The tiles come in approximately 19⅔-inch squares and 10-by-40-inch planks, each ranging from flat to plush. The Interface design team referenced global trends when developing the six earthy, mineral-based colorways: Eclipse, Evening Dusk, Desert Shadow, Fawn, Daylight, and Morning Mist.

“Global Change takes the end user on a journey from the forest to the coast, offering beautiful aesthetics that also deliver modular versatility and functionality,” says Pei. “Each product was designed to harmoniously blend into the next, and the collection has the unique ability to adapt as design and tastes evolve.”