KI: Ruckus

February 27, 2017

Underscoring the belief that movement is essential to cognitive development and learning, KI introduces Ruckus, a collection of seating elements complemented by a range of desks and storage options. Designed by KI’s in-house team, “Ruckus really broke the paradigm,” says Shawn Green, vice president of design and product marketing. “As opposed to being a furniture solution, [Ruckus] becomes a tool for channeling the education process and learning process in an entirely different way.”

Ruckus offers 15- and 18-inch-high chairs with 270-degree rotation and simple but sturdy frames outfitted with casters and glides that allow students to transition between focused learning and group activities. The chairs encourage students to sit as they choose: sideways, backwards, or perched on the curved seat back. Ruckus chairs come in stackable and four-leg options, and the collection also includes 24- and 30-inch-high stools and task chairs, all available in a selection of 24 poly colors and a variety of frame colors.

Rounding out the collection are 26- and 29-inch-tall desks and multiple storage options—a work table and bookcase, as well as lockers and cubbies available with or without doors— in 30 powdercoat paint colors and 53 standard laminates. Adjustable-height desks and lecterns, as well as desk accessory racks, will be on the market soon.