Steelcase Health: Surround

November 8, 2017

In response to research showing that family involvement in care can influence patient satisfaction and outcomes, Steelcase Health created the Surround collection of multifunctional lounge furniture, offering visitors a designated space in patient rooms that supports a range of activities.

“Healthcare environments can be a tool to help providers support the desire to be involved in a loved one’s care, but few hospitals leverage the space they have to do this effectively,” says Michelle Ossmann, director of healthcare environments for Steelcase Health. “Unfortunately, the design of family spaces can often feel like an afterthought. Surround helps to create an interior that indicates visitors are welcome and supports basic activities, like eating, sleeping, and engaging in critical conversations with doctors and nurses.”

The lounge seating can be finished in a range of fabrics and comes in lengths from 44 to 104½ inches with an optional fold-down sleeper. Surround’s curvilinear profile with a high-arm recline supports relaxed seated postures. It features an integrated sliding table, ambient lighting, power outlets, and a USB port.

The furniture collection encourages an uncluttered, clean environment in the patient room, with layered storage for personal belongings and an open metal frame that allows the floor to be cleaned effectively without moving the unit.