Masquespacio: Shade

December 13, 2016

In an altogether Spanish venture, creative consultancy Masquespacio, of Valencia, designed the Shade lamp—redolent of the shadows cast by Mediterranean light—as an emblem of its charge to refashion the identity of Barcelona-based lighting company Raco.

Founded by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios (pictured, left) and Christophe Penasse, Masquespacio set out to modernize Raco’s overall oeuvre. Building on the success of this endeavor, Raco enlisted Masquespacio to create its own luminaire for the company. Boasting a postmodern form, the artisan-crafted Shade lamp serves as the debut design launched by the revamped Raco.

The Shade lamp—measuring approximately 17 inches in width and 9½ inches in height—employs a distinguishing and dichotomous medley of natural materials. “It was really important to us to use local materials, as we wanted to connect our inspiration taken from the Mediterranean light to the materials that surround us on a daily basis here in Spain,” Penasse says. Shade features not only marble and brass but also raffia and cowhide leather. This unique collection of materials renders a curious aesthetic that is a departure from more accustomed compositions, while the lamp’s geometry complements the unusual aspects of the design.