HBF: Conexus

June 22, 2016

With a sculptural shape and slim profile, the Conexus lounge chair and corresponding ottoman was designed for HBF by Michael Vanderbyl, whose partnership with the company spans more than 30 years. The name alludes to the concept of connection, and multiple chairs can be grouped around a table or one piece can stand alone.


Creating the effect of a single, uninterrupted material, the chair’s wood edge appears to vanish into the upholstery without a welt. A high back supports both working and lounging postures, custom bracketry allows for a slight recline, and a self-return swivel mechanism keeps a tidy appearance.


“I strive for timelessness. Conexus plays with the shape of a classic lounge chair and transforms it into a more organic form that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship in the woodwork and the upholstery,” Vanderbyl says. “The wood merges with the upholstery in such a seamless way that the piece takes on a sculptural quality, an engineering feat that HBF executed masterfully.”


The Conexus lounge chair is available in two versions: fully upholstered or with a unique, flat-cut walnut back. The chair measures 28½ inches wide, 31 inches deep, and 42 inches high. The ottoman is also available fully upholstered or with a walnut shell. Bases can be polished stainless steel or powder-coated black.