BeoVision 10 by Bang & Olufsen America

September 15, 2011

Achieve amazing picture quality with this slim-line LCD from Bang & Olufsen America—the manufacturer’s thinnest product to date with a 2.5-inch depth. The BeoVision 10, which was showcased at HD Boutique 2011 and designed by David Lewis, features a 240 Hz LCD black screen with a built-in, fabric-covered two-way speaker below and a custom-made bass stereo port for superior sound quality. A peripheral controller operates the surround sound, which can support up to five extra speakers. A curved rear panel serves to reflect the posterior wall color, an illusion that hides the rear frame and makes BeoVision 10 appear even more slender. Three sizes— 32 inch, 40 inch, and 46 inch—are available.