Wolf-Gordon: London Chic

September 11, 2017

Drawing inspiration from the United Kingdom’s capital city—a vibrant, multicultural metropolis with deep historical roots—London Chic is a Type II wallcovering collection from Wolf-Gordon. It comprises seven subtle yet nuanced patterns named for distinctive London neighborhoods, including Belgravia, Kensington, Haggerston, Brixton, Islington, and Greenwich.

“London Chic is a collection of wallcoverings for interiors with character,” says Marybeth Shaw, vice president of design and marketing for Wolf-Gordon. “The patterns blend soft texture with elegant metallic inks for an understated luxury, appropriate for all markets.”

Belgravia and Kensington feature detailed line work. Evoking splattered raindrops, Haggerston has a weathered look. The tip-print process used for Brixton lends the illusion of depth to the wallcovering’s barklike effect. Islington Station features a midscale geometric pattern of interlocking shapes formed by delicate lines. The coordinating Islington pattern is soft and muted to emulate fabric. Conjuring raw silk, Greenwich (pictured) is both rustic and sophisticated.

Each of these patterns is available in a range of colorways that are derived from London’s urban fabric. The wallcovering collection is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability standard.