Foothills Family Medical Center

Renderings courtesy student/university

Clemson University student Jonathan Jiang explores the potential for a primary ambulatory clinic to deviate from the standard solution that fits clinical functions within an ordinary commercial structure. Embracing the shift from “a forced way of disease healing toward a natural approach to holistic well-being,” Jiang’s concept for the Foothills Family Medical Center in Central, South Carolina, creates a community asset that can provide an innovative approach to healthcare design and delivery.

Sited in a suburban residential community, the proposed structure is concealed below grade and encloses a large landscaped courtyard with a water element that collects rain. The medical structure’s green roof grows vegetables that are to be used within the facility’s demonstration kitchen as part of a campaign to promote better health through preventative care.

Individual exam rooms are located in pods focused on different specialties, and small adjacent courtyards provide patients with access to nature. The center’s interior features curved elements and live plants that contribute to a calming environment, which promotes healing for patients and provides an attractive workspace for healthcare providers.

2015 Healthcare Environment Awards
Student Honorable Mention
Foothills Family Medical Center

Designer: Jonathan Jiang, Clemson University
Where: Central, South Carolina