Healing Sanctuary: An Integrative Cancer Center

Image courtesy of Austin Ferguson.

Clemson University students were challenged to design an integrative cancer center for Bon Secours St. Francis Health System in Greenville, South Carolina, that incorporates the first Maggie’s Centre in the United States. Student Austin Ferguson proposed a 75,000-square-foot complex that represents the three components of holistic cancer treatment—mind, body, and spirit—as distinct programmatic entities: the Maggie’s Center, a clinical building, and a chapel. A strong site axis is established by a stone wall that varies in height, and a central garden courtyard offers patients a place of respite.

The proposed site’s topography allows for the structures to be partially embedded, thus reducing the scale of the center and making it more welcoming for patients. All of the waiting areas, public spaces, and main circulation rooms are oriented to face either the inner courtyard or adjacent wooded areas. The spaces that patients spend long periods of time in, such as infusion rooms, face north in order to maximize glazing, views, and indirect sunlight. Southern facades incorporate large overhangs to reduce glare and direct rays.