Life Empowered Healing

The design offers a soothing nature-inspired palette and playful graphics evocative of the oceans and everglades. All images courtesy of Nisha Patel.

Recognizing the unique requirements of a pediatric oncology setting, Life Empowered Healing was designed by Nisha Patel, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, to help the healing process by alleviating fear and building upon the atmosphere of home, while being responsive to the needs of the patient, families, and staff.

Image courtesy of Nisha Patel.

Evoking the oceans and everglades neighboring a proposed location in Orlando, Florida, the design offers an oasis with a soothing nature-inspired palette and playful graphics. Primary programmatic elements include a children’s play area, family lounges, patient rooms, treatment areas, and nurses’ stations.

Image courtesy of Nisha Patel.

Affording a unique sensory experience, the interior environment allows children to engage with their surroundings. A life-size tree house with multiple levels encourages play, social interaction, and creative activities that promote growth and development. The family lounge features private seating alcoves that provide a quiet respite, while the resource center offers health-related information. By locating the patient rooms away from the nurses’ stations, the design mitigates bedside noise for the young patients. Separate zones for patients, family, and staff afford privacy, while satellite charting alcoves allow healthcare staff to have focused areas for documentation.