Masterpiece Living

Healthcare Environment Awards 2014
Student Design Honorable Mention
Designer: Julie Randolph, Clemson University
Where: Greenville, South Carolina (location of proposed project)

By applying classic mixed-use urbanism principals to an assisted and senior living facility with a special emphasis on health, a proposal by Clemson University student Julie Randolph connects residents to their city in ways that will keep their bodies and minds strong and supple. The lesson is simple: The city is good for you.  
Located in downtown Greensville, South Carolina, Masterpiece Living has three goals for residents: promote physical activity, encourage social interaction, and enhance the urban fabric of the city. The first goal is accomplished through its physical therapy spa, fitness center, and gardens and courtyards that encourage leisurely strolls. The second goal can be fulfilled at many of the first floor retail and community spaces—all open to the public—that include a cafe, community center, grocery store, pharmacy, and dog sharing program. All of this activity contributes to the facility’s third goal of giving back to the city. By using the city itself to enhance residents’ social, emotional, and physical quality of life, the facility builds healthy habits into senior citizens’ daily lives preventatively, instead of relying on costly, stopgap stand-alone medical care options such as hospital visits.  
The facility is organized as two L-shaped volumes that wrap around a large courtyard and connect on upper floors. Lower floors contain public programs, and individual residential units are located on upper floors, all of which share several common spaces: a teaching kitchen, educational space, a library, and a theater.