UIHC Tower 2

Renderings courtesy students/university

A team of Iowa State University students proposes an undulating, oval-shaped, 12-story tower for a new hospital on the University of Iowa campus. Existing structures on the project site posed complex circulation challenges, which were resolved by allowing for vehicular access on the ground level and protected pedestrian circulation a level above. Both levels are enhanced by landscape elements, including a healing garden integrated with an existing children’s hospital landscape on the second level.

The twisting form of the tower, which features an exposed diagrid structural system, captures views from patient rooms, which have uniquely shaped floor plans with no right angles. Zones within patient rooms are designated for guest seating at the exterior wall, work areas along the periphery for healthcare providers, and a dedicated clinical space in the center for the hospital bed and medical equipment. Gently curving partitions, coupled with a palette of wood and light natural colors, create a comfortable interior conducive to healing.

2015 Healthcare Environment Awards
Student Winner
UIHC Tower 2

Designers: Yongyeon Cho, Haoyu Fang, Yifan Luo, and Casey Tiedman of Iowa State University
Where: Iowa City, Iowa