Mercy Virtual Care Center

Though its heritage extends back more than 185 years, Mercy Health, a not-for-profit Catholic organization headquartered in St. Louis, aims to establish a new paradigm for the future of healthcare delivery. While the prevailing model requires patients to travel to a hospital or clinic to receive treatment, Mercy Virtual Care Center, designed by Forum Studio, contains no waiting rooms or hospital beds. Instead, it houses teams of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals at the ready to virtually provide care.

The four-story, 125,000-square-foot facility’s layout and infrastructure were designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency to allow for reorganization, program expansion, and personnel growth. It simultaneously operates as a high-tech medical center, an innovation think tank, a conference center, a sales showroom, and a workplace. An undulating glass curtain wall creates terraces and balconies on each level. Open spaces, abundant natural light, and the use of ecofriendly interior finishes enhance the center’s connection to nature while helping staff combat mental fatigue.

Featuring state-of-the-art innovations, the facility aims to be a pioneer in the next generation of healthcare processes, products, and technologies. According to Thomas Hale, the former executive medical director at Mercy Health, “There has yet to be a visitor or customer who has not been overwhelmed with the features of the center, the internal culture that it has created, and the integration of the physical space with the innovative care model that virtual care represents.”