Mountain Park Health Center, Tempe Clinic

Over the past five years, SmithGroupJJR has worked with the Mountain Park Health Center (MPHC), a nonprofit with an integrated care model that allows patients to be seen by a range of providers in one setting, to renovate five locations in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Most recently, the team transformed a 30,000-square-foot former boat dealership in Tempe, Arizona, into a vibrant community health center that balances clinical efficiency with amenities that promote activity and wellness.

A welcoming atmosphere is established through MPHC’s landscape design, which includes walking trails, activity nodes, a children’s play area, an open lawn, and a tree nursery. These features encourage an active lifestyle among community members, who are invited to use them outside of clinical hours.

The center’s lobby offers an open waiting area with a variety of seating options, while 10-foot-tall glazing provides a direct connection to the outdoors. An adjacent 100-person space accommodates training and community events. Throughout the center, vibrant colors and graphics aid in wayfinding. Exam rooms are 30 percent larger than standard ones and have soundproof sliding doors that grant easy access to those with strollers or wheelchairs. Rather than occupying private offices, staff mingle in team-based workrooms, a kitchen/lounge area, a patio, and small social zones, with the option of retreating to private phone booths.

SmithGroupJJR’s design alleviates spatial challenges that MPHC had previously faced, enabling it to hire additional providers and double the number of patients served.