Buck Studio crafts a casual, lively interior for an Argentine steak house in Poland that cleverly conceals back-of-house elements. Photography by Basia Kuligowska and Przemyslaw Nieciecki/PION Studio

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When you think of cuisine in Poland, you might not picture a contemporary Argentine steak house. But Campo Modern Grill in Wrocław is indeed a comforting setting for charcoal-oven-cooked food, and it is the new cool spot in town. With an integrated interior design and brand identity by Wrocław-based Buck Studio, led by the husband-and-wife team of Dominika and Paweł Buck, the steak house is a contrast of natural textures.

“What we try to do in all of our projects is to create unique, inspiring, but also authentic customer experiences,” explains Dominika. “We proposed a concept that is focused more on preparing food with care and love rather than just serving high-quality steaks.”

Cube conceals back-of-house elements
The 2,260-square-foot, 66-seat restaurant occupies the ground floor of a new mixed-use building. Floor-to-ceiling glass facades— facing the street at the front of the restaurant and a patio at the opposite end—provide passersby with a clear view of the activity within Campo.

Strikingly, a boxlike structure clad in cherry wood occupies one-half of the restaurant’s floor space. Accessible from three sides the large cube houses the traditionally back-of-house elements, including the kitchen, service rooms, restrooms, and cloakroom. “Introducing the cube was basically the smartest way to arrange the back of the house without interfering with the windows,” says Paweł.

The cube’s 46-foot-long front wall faces the main dining area, incorporating serving stations, wine racks, and storage compartments with tactile leather pulls. A ladder on a sliding rail provides access to higher sections, and an opening frames views into the kitchen, where food is cooked in a charcoal oven. Corridors with black terrazzo floors on each side of the cube lead to the restrooms and kitchen.

Dark and natural palette creates a cozy effect
“Our aim was to create a casual, relaxed, lively atmosphere. We wanted an experience where customers really feel comfortable and looked after—just as they would if they were dining at a friend’s place or in their own home,” says Paweł. “This is why the kitchen is clearly visible— chats with the chef are very welcome. There is no regular bar counter, which would usually enforce a distance or a border.”

The dining room features oak flooring and a wall of black pebbles that catch the light and produce a striking contrast with the warmcolored wood. In the center of the pebble-clad wall, a floor-to-ceiling panel of black mesh is backlit by neon letters that spell out the restaurant’s name.

Diners can choose from a variety of seating options: minimal wood chairs in shades of black and teal at oak veneer tables, stools at a high bar table, or comfortable banquettes upholstered in tan leather Two steel-and-brass chandeliers with handmade glass globe shades echo the brass accents found on a set of black shelves and a matching display table.

“We chose a palette of dark colors because the venue is superbright, thanks to the enormous amount of daylight coming through the glass facade,” says Dominika. “We strive for coziness, and dark colors combined with natural materials, like wood and stone, are perfect to achieve that.”

The project was an exercise in punctiliousness, according to the designers. Every detail—from the menu boards to the service equipment—was intended to complement the interior’s earthy colors and natural material palette.

“Buck Studio’s design sets Campo apart because of the unique treatment of details,” says Campo owner Krystian Bruz of KB Food & Catering. “What is most important to us is providing a unique dining experience, not only through the menu but also through service and ambience. We believe that great design is the best tool to really make this happen.”

who Architect and interior designer: Buck Studio. Project team: Dominika Buck; Paweł Buck; Ola Leszczynska. Lighting: Chors. Graphics: Buck Studio.
what Ceilings: Hera Design By Knauf. Recessed lighting: Chors. Track lighting: Chors. Task lighting: Chors. Pendants/ chandeliers: custom, Chors. Hardware: custom, Buck Studio. Doors: custom, Buck Studio. Cafeteria/dining seating: Pedrali; custom, Buck Studio. Tables: custom, Buck Studio. Shelving: custom, Buck Studio. Architectural/custom woodworking: Buck Studio.

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